Experience The World in Full Colors With Neon Colors

Experience The World in Full Colors With Neon Colors

In 2024, a new chapter in hair coloring opens, bringing an array of inspirational shades and options that transcend traditional boundaries.

For those who aren't afraid to be the center of attention, neon hair colors are just the thing. This vibrant palette brings dynamics and energy to every look, from fluorescent pink to radiant turquoise.

Discover irresistible neon colors and add a fresh and bold touch to your style with a wide range of color options Goldwell Elumen Play Color.

Goldwell Elumen Play Color

Semi-permanent color. No developer required.


With up to 100% fading on tone

Gives outstanding color shine and brilliance

Lasts up to 10-15 washes*

8 out of 10 stylists perceive an improved hair structure

Leaves healthy-looking hair

Ammonia free, oxidation free

*Depends on hair shade and structure


HDmax Technology - A system of specially-selected direct dyes are designed to fade on tone. Creates extraordinary intensity by sitting both on the outer and inner levels of the cuticle layer.

Shine & Care Technology - Gives outstanding color shine, brilliance and hair that is healthy-looking (Glow Effect).

Special shades

Clear - does not contain any dyes, softens all shades of Elumen and creates a pastel effect, adds shine when used alone.

Black - adding (approximately 1 ml) all Elumen Play shades give a smoky character and greater color depth.

Metallic - adds shimmer and metallic effect to your color.

How to use

Apply to dry, clean hair. Saturate the hair with color for even results.

Process for up to 30 minutes without heat or up to 20 minutes with heat.

Rinse with warm water until water is clear.

Shampoo with Elumen Shampoo and treat with Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, or Mask Elumen Care.

Step into a world of colors, where each shade tells its own story, and let your hair shine in all its beauty.