The best hair pomades for every styling need

The best hair pomades for every styling need

Pomades are just about the oldest and most classic hair-styling substance.

Pomade is great for all types of hair. It’s just a matter of choosing one that suits your hair’s density, length, and styling goals. For long hair, try something water based, and err on the light side with application, unless you’re able to slick it back entirely. Pomade makes for a nice slicked man bun look, if you want to tie everything back.

Their origins can be traced back to Roman times, via bear fat as a primary ingredient in the 19th Century, and onto the mid-1920s with brands such as Murray’s Superior Pomade and Brylcreem.

The primary ingredients were beeswax, lard and petroleum jelly, which set the look in place but were difficult to shampoo away and often felt greasy to the touch.

With this in mind, here we round-up the best pomade for every hair type and application.


 Layrite Deluxe Pomade Super Hold

-The best heavy hold pomade-

The brand that brought pomade into the modern era has upped the hold factor while turning the shine down ever so slightly and retaining its water solubility.


Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade 

-The best matte pomade-

Matte pomade removes all traces of sheen while combining the sculpting and setting power of a traditional pomade with a lighter, natural finish, making it excellent for styling hard-to-tame hair while retaining a more natural, matte finish. The matte pomade from barbershop faves Uppercut is popular the country over for exactly this reason.


Reuzel Concrete Hold Matte Pomade

-The best strong hold matte pomade-

If you want zero shine and 100% lock-in, here's your favorite pomade. Reuzel's Concrete Hold Matte Pomade is great as a root-locking agent in medium-length styles, especially on fine and thinning hair.


American Crew

-The best high-shine pomade-

American Crew is the maker of some of the best modern hair products on the market, and their pomades are no exception. Its water-based ingredients provide a medium-lasting finish, allowing you to look stylish from every angle. it provides a medium hold and uses lanolin to achieve a high-shine finish.


Blind Barber’s 101 Proof

-The best water-based pomade-

This water-based pomade gives you that super eye-catching shine and a grip that won't budge, but it doesn't make your hair feel like a helmet. It's touchable and reworkable by day's end with a damp hand. Overall, Blind Barber’s 101 Proof is suitable for the workplace and for everyday wear.